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Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has not seen a man wear them.

Men’sjewelrydo not have to be limited to cuff links, tie pins and rings. While extreme body pierced jewelry may not be for everyone, earrings offer a great way for men to display their fashion sense in an understated manner.

Jewelry is a great way to flaunt your taste in style and diamonds give a great way to show sophistication without much pomp and extravagance.

Diamond stud earrings never go out of fashion and if you are looking for a great gift option, then the 0.15 Carat mens black diamond stud earrings by Dazzling rock is something that you will fall in love with instantly.

Read on as we review these men’s earrings so that you can decide if they are what you are looking for. 

Best features of the 0.15 Carat (ctw) Black Real Diamond Kite Shape Mens Hip Hop Iced Stud Earrings

  1. Micropave setting

The black diamonds of the earring are painstakingly hand-set in a beautiful micropave setting for an accent that is elegant. The setting offers an understated presence to the diamondsinstead of being flashy and is perfect for the man who likes his piece of accessory to stay subtle yet tasteful.

  1. Black diamonds

Natural black diamonds are much sought after for their sophisticated look. But as they are also very rare these mens diamond earringsthat use heated diamonds are a great alternative to those who want a pocket-friendly option that does not compromise on quality or looks.

  1. Heated real diamonds

The black diamonds in these stud earrings are not real black diamonds but are color enhanced by a process called High pressure heat treatment (HPHT). In this process, the diamonds are heated up to a temperature of 1260 degrees which turns the diamonds black.

The heat treatment is completely safe and does not affect the quality of the diamonds in any way. In addition to being safe, the process is also permanent, so that the black color does not fade or disappear over time, making your piece of jewelry long-lasting.

  1. Silver studs

The metal in which the diamonds are set enhance the beauty of the piece of jewelry. While gold is the most preferred metal for diamonds, it can be very bold. This set of stud earrings come in white-gold and sterling silver options while the sterling silver is a more cost-effective option.

You don’t have to worry about choosing silver because it tends to get oxidized and require a bit of care and maintenance. These men’s earrings come plated with Black rhodium to keep it maintenance free.Though the plating is not really required in the case of white-gold, the color of Rhodium serves to match the black diamonds and adds to its overall appeal.

  1. Perfect size

Earrings for men may not be allowed in certain workplaces especially if they are large and flashy. Thesesquare black diamond earrings are 8 mm wide and 8mm long making them small enough and perfect to be worn even in professional situations. In fact, they are so elegant that they can even enhance your overall professional look.

  1. All about the diamonds

The weight of the diamond is .15 ct and the total weight of the metal is a mere 2.5 g making it very light weight. The earrings are set with color enhanced black diamonds that are round.

A total of 50 stones are set in a micropave pattern for an accented look. The stones are semi-faceted and may have facets varying from 0 to 16. Since they are real and natural diamonds, they sparkle so beautifully.

  1. Studs

Unlike mens hoop earrings that can convey a rather flippant personality, not to forget that they may not be appropriate for professional situations, these square studs are perfect for the gentlemen in you. Also stud earrings have always been in fashion and hence are a timeless fashion accessory.

  1. Subtle

The diamonds used are opaque unlike white diamonds or other colourd diamonds that are transparent. So the only part that reflects the light are the front faces of the diamonds and there is no internal reflection. This produces such a subtle effect that is perfect for all-day wearing.

  1. Great gift

When you are in a dilemma to buy your boyfriend or husband a great gift that is not too expensive but still does not come across as cheap, then theseblack earrings for men will be a wonderful way to show your love for them.

And what’s even better, they can be gifted for any occasion and because they are so affordable you can even gift them to your friends.

  1. Unbelievable price

Buying a real black diamond earrings for men can be quite an expensive affair but these are real white diamonds that have been heat treated to give them the much coveted black color. Due to this, they sell for under $300 and is a real killer deal. If you are patient enough, you can get an even better deal when they go on sale as many online stores have great deals from time to time.

  1. Quality

The diamonds used are natural and the earrings come with metal stamping showing the purity of the white-gold or the sterling silver, whichever the case maybe. The product also comes with a 30 day return policy. But these earrings are loved by its customers and has a 3.9 star rating on Amazon out of 5 stars which speaks for the quality and craftsmanship of the earrings. 

Negative points

No review is complete without mentioning the cons of the product. The mens black diamond stud earrings is a great product and does not have many negative points. Here is a couple of them that are small shortcomings but nevertheless canhelp you make an informed choice.

  • Screw-on back–The clasp at the back that holds the ear ring in place is a screw-on type which can be difficult to wear especially because of the small size. A bigger press-on style clasp would have been a better option.
  • Chips and spots –The stud earrings are not totally flawless and may contain one or two chips and spots. Though these are microscopic and are not visible, this information may be useful to those who like to buy their diamonds without any inclusions.

 Advantages over other black rings

  • Stylish –The timeless square stud has been tastefully crafted to match the expectations of the modern man and comes in a trendy rhodium plated finish that is smooth and glossy
  • Price–Depending on whether you choose white-gold or sterling silver as the metal option you can get these earrings between $80 to $280 dollars which is a much lower price tag compared to others in the same category
  • Quality– The earrings come from a quality brand and is handcrafted to perfection to be long-lasting
  • Brand – These black diamond studs are handcrafted by Dazzlingrock, who are certified diamond jewelry retailers and have experience in selling diamond jewelery


Diamond stud earrings are timeless piece of jewelry that offer a great way to show your sense of fashion in a very subtle way. And black diamonds are perfect for those who do not like too much bling and yet want the rich and sophisticated look of diamonds.

You don’t have to wait till Christmas to buy your boyfriend or husband a nice gift. The Rhodium plated Black diamond stud earrings make for a perfect gift any time of the year. And because it comes at such an affordable price, you won’t have to break the bank to show your love to the most important person in your life.

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