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Diamonds are pure. Diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love. And among all the precious gemstones, they are the most popular ones. Only four categories of gemstones are considered as precious gemstones and they are ruby, sapphire, emerald, and diamond.

  • Diamonds attract enormous attention and easily the best gemstone to wear, gift or even flaunt. Traditionally, it has been the diamond solitaire or the finger ring that has garnered a good lot of attention. But diamond stud earrings and necklace sets have also managed to capture the attention of women seeking diamond jewelry.
  • Diamonds are the highest valued among all the precious stones. It takes several years to form and hence, probably the most craved gemstone, due to its rarity. Jewelry grade diamonds are generally rated based on the color of the diamond.
  • While buying a diamond, there are four different characteristics that have to be looked into. They are cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. A higher carat weight and purity level of a diamond indicates the immense value of the diamond jewelry.
  • Typically, the 3 carat diamond stud earrings are very exquisite, with high qualityand stunning, leaving the onlookers awestruck. Generally, yellow or white gold is a popular metal setting for diamond stud earrings. Though Platinum is the strongest metal to hold stones, it is a very heavy metal. Hence the popular ones are all set in white or yellow gold.

For someone like you, who is on the lookout for a good pair of 3 carat diamond stud earrings, the Cushion-cut Moissanite and Diamond Stud Earrings from KobelliMoissanite is a good choice. They have high quality and very rightly priced.

Here is a review on the 3 caratMoissanite and Diamond Stud Earrings from KobelliMoissanite.

3 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings – Best features:

Coming from the house of Kobelli, you can be rest assured that the 3 carat diamond stud earrings or for that matter, any diamond jewelry, is of the best quality. The quality and make of these earrings are what accounts for its best features. The diamonds at Kobelli are conflict-free and are in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions.

The best features of Kobelli’s 3 carat cushion-cut Moissanite and Diamond stud earrings are mentioned below:

  • Style

These diamond earrings are styled as stud earrings, which bring out the beauty of the stones embedded in the earring.

  • Stones

This 3 carat moissanite and diamond stud earrings have two types of attractive and delicate stones – Diamonds and Moissanite. Both the gemstones are white in color. The center stone is the 6.5mm cushion-cut genuine KobelliMoissanite stone. The stones along the halo are 100 % natural diamonds.

  • Diamond cut and color:

The diamond cut is round and the color is G-H grade. This indicates that the diamonds are near colorless. Especially in the setting of the 14k white gold, these earrings do not show any tint of color and appear flawless and beautiful.

  • Diamond clarity:

The clarity of the diamond set in is at I1-I2.

  • Diamond weight:

The diamond weight is 2.80 carats.

  • Gemstone weight:

The total gemstone weight is 2.95 carats, which is a very good indicator of the size of jewelry.


These 3 carat diamond stud earringsare set in 14k white gold. It is an ideal setting for the diamonds to appear and look brilliant.

The 14k white gold is very popular and durable metal for diamond jewelry. Since the 24k pure gold is very soft and malleable, it does not offer much strength. Gold, mixed with other metals gives it the strength and durability to hold the diamond and the moissanite perfectly.

  • Finish and setting:

The finish of these earrings is of high polish and has prongs settings.

  • Moissanite color and clarity:

The cushion cut moissanite stones are an unusual and interesting shape, which are very rare. This feature makes these 3 carat diamond stud earrings to buy, for anyone with a preference for rare and delicate stuff.

The center moissanite stone is colorless and has aclarity grade of VS, which implies that the inclusions are visible.

An enviable feature of these 3 carat diamond stud earrings is that both moissanite and diamond are very incredible. Though both are different, it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other. Both are very attractive and add a beautiful charm to the stud earrings.

Negative Points:

  • The diamond clarity is I1-I2. This means that these diamonds have inclusions that are numerous or large, that can be seen by the unaided eye. These tiny imperfections called inclusions are obvious and visible to the eye, and also under 10 x magnification.Generally, diamonds which have the least number of inclusions are of highest clarity grade. And that is why the lesser the number of inclusions, the better the clarity.
  • When compared to the extremely rare and absolute colorless diamonds, these diamonds are near Though the color grade is G-H, the color is noticeable, when compared alongside the higher and better grade diamonds.
  • For people wanting only a full diamond setting, then these pair of earrings may not be suitable. These 3 carat diamond stud earrings are a combination of moissanite and diamond stones.
  • While the moissanite stones are of very good cut the diamonds are of good For someone looking at an equal very good cut, this feature could pose a bit of a concern.

Advantages over competition

The Cushion-cut Moissanite and Diamond Stud Earrings from KobelliMoissanite has a good number of advantages over other brands, in the same category. These 3 carat diamond stud earrings are fairly reasonably priced.The 3 carat diamond stud earrings price is the most attractive feature that draws women to this piece of jewelry, like a magnet.

The cushion cut of the moissanite stone is very rare and perfect for someone who wants that rarity in their piece of jewelry.

The metal setting of the entire 3 carat diamond stud earrings is in 14k gold, which makes it an ideal setting, where all the stones completely shine brilliantly.


So, if you are looking for a good piece of jewelry to adorn your ears, without the additional burden of an expensive price tag, then the Cushion-cut Moissanite and Diamond Stud Earrings from Kobelli are the ones for you.

These 3 carat diamond stud earrings are very ideal for people who prefer studs to danglers. The look and feel of these studs is much more better, more so with the cushion cut of the moissanite stone. Set in 14k white gold, both the stones’ natural brilliance shines perfectly.

This pair of earrings is a wonderful statement piece that makes for the best gift for a woman. The diamonds add more sparkle and glitz, giving an impeccable look.

Symbolizing love, diamonds are the costliest stones that have a beautiful aura, which lasts forever. And hence the saying “Diamonds are forever!”

Did you know that among all the precious stones, only diamonds are valued higher because of their colorless property?  The other precious stones are translucent and their value increases due to the richness of the color.

These 3 carat diamond stud earrings with their diamonds are beautiful and alluring and are the best choice.

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