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Earrings can be the sole jewelry if it were the right kind. It should be beautifully set, rightly sized, so that it is neither too big nor too small. When the design and the stone used are perfect, one loses the need to adorn themselves with any statement necklace or any other piece of jewelry.

  • The right earring can make your entire appearance look perfect. A 1 carat diamond stud earrings can make you look simple, sophisticated yet tastefully dressed. It will neither attract too much attention nor will it go unnoticed. When you are out in a corporate event or even if it is just another day at work, you don’t want people to remember just your jewelry and forget all about you.
  • Though hoops and dangling earring are still in vogue, they are not apt for every occasion. However, one can never go wrong with a stud. If you are worried that wearing just a stud would make you look under dressed, you ought to go in for a diamond stud.
  • If you are looking for good quality 1 carat diamond stud earrings to buy, then look no further. Amanda Rose collection is known for its simple and tasteful jewelry, that makes its clients very happy and gain a good reputation for their taste in jewelry.

When you are ready to invest in jewelry, be it big or small, you need enough reviews to help you decide. You need to know both the positives and negatives to make a well informed decision. Here is a detailed review of the 1 carat diamond stud earrings by Amanda Rose Collection.

1 Carat Diamond Stud Earrings – Best Features:

Some of the key features of this stud are:

Screw Back – The stud has a screw back which offers extra security. This ensures the studs are always secured to the ear and does not have the risk of falling off. Even when your earring gets caught in your top or the towel, it will not fall off as it has to be screwed out.

Light Weight –The pair of stud as a whole weighs only 1 carat. This is light and apt to be worn for long hours on your ears. When the earring is heavy, it makes it difficult and uncomfortable to be worn for a prolonged period of time.

White Gold – White gold enhances the beauty of a diamond. A 14K white gold is of high quality and offers durability. Though not as pure as a 18K, it is harder and stronger.

IGI Evaluation – When you are investing in diamonds, you need authentication. These diamond studs carry an IGI evaluation card for authentication and quality reassurance. This certification also vouches for the clarity of the stones.

Conflict Free – Diamonds and other stones used in jewelry are not very easy to get. One does not want to wear diamonds that are sourced by wrong means. Conflict free stones are those that are sourced authentically.

Prongs Setting – The diamond is set with four solid prongs, to hold the stone in place. This ensures the safety of the stone while enhancing the visibility of the diamond. Thus making it very prominent on your ears.

Free Return – Not every online purchase is guaranteed satisfaction. These studs can be easily returned within 30 days, if not satisfied. There is no cost involved in returning the jewelry.

Negative Points

Some of the flaws these earrings have are:

Screw Back – Though screw backs are added security, not everyone would have the patience to screw it on and off every single time.

It takes some effort and concentration to get the hole of the back aligned with the stem of the stud. Only then can one screw it in place. When you want to get it off in a hurry, you cannot. It takes much more time than a ring or a press type earring.

Easily Lost – The screw at the back of the studs is small in size and quite tiny to hold. If it were to slip through your fingers and fall to the floor, it can roll away from sight. You might have to spend a good amount of time, trying to find it. It is just not suitable for those with “butter fingers”.

Clarity – Though the diamonds look clear and bright to the naked eye, they will show streaks when seen under a lens. Thought the makers do not guarantee a streak free or clear diamonds, these stones will have lesser resale value.

Long Stem – Screw back earrings have long stems, so that there is sufficient space for the screw. However, this may be uncomfortable when worn to bed. For those who are used to earrings that stick to your ears, these are more protruding and can hurt you. If it were to get pressed against your skin, it can be painful.

 Advantages Over other Rings

Here are some of the reasons why this 1 carat diamond stud earrings is a better buy than its counterparts in the market:

Price – This 1 carat diamond stud earrings price is lower than those prevailing in the market. For this quality and cut, the price is less.

Perfect Size – While there are many diamond studs in the market, finding the right size is not easy. When it is too big, people may think they are not real diamonds. At the same time, too small a stone will look too simple and non-existent on your ears. These are the right size and are easily noted.

Clarity – The diamonds used in these studs are of very good quality and look clear to the naked eye. The main quality of a diamond earring is to look clear and bright to the naked eye, as that is how it is going to be seen by others. These earrings give you just that and also impress onlookers. This makes you the center of attraction for your fine taste in jewelry.

For Rough Use Too – These earrings are suitable even for rough and fun use. Whether you are going surfing or any other sport, there is no need to remove your earrings. The screw back option ensures your diamond earrings are not dislodged by something that the earring gets caught in. be it your clothes or hair, you have nothing to worry about.


Diamonds, be it big or small, are precious and expensive. One needs to pay enough attention to the stones they are investing in. good quality diamonds should look clear and reflect the light well, while showing the depth of the stone too. Despite all checks, it is always advisable to attain a certificate of authentication.

Whether it is a party dress or a regular work outfit, you can play it up or down with the right pair of earrings. Diamond studs can transform your otherwise ordinary outfit, into a glamorous one, in no time. When your hair is pulled back from your face, it is the earrings that are noticed first. Let those earrings be this 1 carat diamond stud earrings, and see the attention you get.

Whether it is for you, or for someone special, this earring is classy and sophisticated. It makes a very worthy gift too. One can wear it all the time or for occasions too. Such is the versatility of these earrings.

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