Opal and Diamond Ring | Best Price and Review – 2017

Jewellery’s sale has gained a new meaning in today’s times. Traditionally, we would visit the local jeweller and try many of the items there before finalising the one that fits and suits.

Online shopping has now extended to genuine jewellery as well, you can buy your favourite opal and diamond ring online. You will have to check the size and specifications, there are high quality images of the rings provided. The experience of buying online is quite different from the physical purchase mode.

Buying online is fraught with risk, it may not turn out to be the exact thing that you wanted to buy. The size may be incorrect and you could have trouble exchanging it. You are not sure of the cut, make, curating procedure etc., Jewellery has a trust factor which plays important role in the psyche of the buyer.

Even a small time jeweller will garner more trust if he has been in the business for long. With gemstones and diamonds, ethical procurement is also an important factor. Here we review the opal and diamond ring from Jewelili which is available at a great price. The opal and diamond ring is a 1/10ct Diamond Three Stone Ring; this is a great choice for engagement and other such special occasions.

Why you should buy Opal and Diamond Ring?

The opal and diamond ring has multiple features which are great; here is a look at the key features.

Quality  – The diamonds and gems used in the opal and diamond rings are conflict free. The clarity of the opal and diamond ring is superior and hence makes it a great addition to your jewellery. These diamonds are cut by experts to ensure that they reflect light and are shown brightly. Often people also prefer uncut diamonds which lend an authenticity to the jewellery piece.

Design – the opal and diamond engagement rings are designed keeping in mind the young generation in mind. They offer a sophisticated look, the gemstones and diamonds are clear to look at. They look delicate but are set with a sturdy frame. It is ideal daily wear ring. There are other variations such as the black opal engagement rings. Due to its price and design, this is one of the top picks in the engagement rings category.

Weight and dimensions – The size of the ring is 2.83 grams which is ideal for a daily wear ring. The width is 0.64 inches and length is 0.4 inches. It has a prong setting which lends it a great finish. These opal and diamond engagement rings can be worn on a daily basis without hassle. They have a sturdy outer frame which does not undergo wear and tear due to repeated friction. You can go about your daily chores without finding it a major hassle. The frame and edges are smooth to ensure that it does not get caught with fabric or end up causing scratches etc.,

Value for money – one of the key positives about this product is its price. The price is affordable for the targeted youth segment. The finish and the quality of gemstones and diamond is superior. Jewelili is known for its exquisite yet practical designs and sturdy setting of gemstones. Accessories are not just fashion statement, they have to be within a certain budget but add to your overall personality. The opal and diamond rings make a style statement when you wear it for professional meeting and parties.

Setting – The opal and diamond engagement rings have a prong setting. The opal stone shape is cushion and it protrudes out of the frame to stand out and make a statement. The stone here is of goodcut. The diamonds use the natural creation and are non – treated. The diamonds surround the opal stone, these diamonds are round in shape, they have good cut. The stone creation method is natural and treatment method is specified as non-treated.  This is ideal way of creating and treating the gemstones.

Star sign compliance – The opal stone is compliant for people born in October. The cut and curating procedure ensures that the person benefits from wearing the ring. Many individuals find it important to wear only those gemstones which are complaint to their star sign. Only then will the individual find it useful. Also, there is a popular belief that it will bring good luck in one’s life.

Negatives: Why you should not buy it?

Creation and treatment method – The creation and treatment method is mentioned as part of the product manual as natural and non-treated. However, while you buy the opal and diamond ring online, you are not in a position to validate these types of information.

Virtual vs. real images differ – No matter how good the quality of the diamond is, there is bound to be some difference in the image online and what you receive physically. Hopefully, the latter impresses you; else, you will be keeping a product that you do not like much. 

Advantages over other types of engagement rings

There are multiple advantages over competition; the very fact that Jewelili is a well-known name in the fashion industry is an advantage.  This puts the products under the brand name on a different pedestal.

Designed according to market preferences – the brand focuses on the younger generation who are typically more comfortable buying jewellery online. There are multiple types of opal and diamond rings available including the 1/10ct Diamond Three Stone Ring, black opal engagement rings.  Most of these rings are designed for special events such as engagements, anniversaries. They are delicately designed.

Creation and Treatment method – They use different methods for creation and treatment of the gemstones. They are held captive in natural environment to be simulated and thus, they cure naturally. Then they are cut with precision by experts who set inside the frame as appropriate. The company has the required experts for each of these procedures.


The opal and diamond ring is of good cut and is curated in a procedure which ensures that the authenticity of the gemstone is maintained. Jewelili is a well-known brand in the fashion jewellery segment. There is wide variety of engagement rings available that one can chose from. The designs are elegant and practical; it can be used as daily wear. The target segment is the young generation who are comfortable buying jewellery online.

The entire online buying procedure is quite simple, you have to compare the various products and choose the one that fits your budget. Based on the specifications and size, you fill add it to your cart and make payment by means of e-wallet, debit / credit card. For some fashion jewellery, there could also be cash on delivery option. Exchange may be available on the product for defects or wrong size. However, if you have ordered the wrong size yourself, then the vendor may not entertain exchange.

Based on the above detailed review, it can be concluded that these are best suited for any special occasion. They may be a good investment especially if you intend to wear it on a daily basis. You have multiple options within the opal and diamond engagement rings. Based on the compatibility with the gemstone you could choose the one that will bring you prosperity. This is indeed a great style statement to make.

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