Black Opal Engagement Ring | Best Price and Review 2017

Engagement rings are extremely special. It is selected exclusively for that special someone who makes your world goes round. When it comes to such an important person, just an ordinary diamond ring off the rack will not do. You need something exclusive, as if crafted just for her.

  • Hand crafted rings are made with so much care and just unique. You can’t find run of the mill designs and though they may look simple, they look elegant. Right from the cut till the setting of the various stones, everything will be done with extra care and will have a personal touch to it.
  • When you are searching for that perfect ring for your perfect lady, you are bound to come across quite a few options. Getting confused is very natural as you don’t want to end up spending all that money on something that is not going to make her eyes sparkle.
  • While diamond rings are a given, when it comes to engagement rings, you should consider vintage opal engagement rings, if you want your lady to own something unique and beautiful. A black opal engagement ring is so much more beautiful that the usual diamond ring and when it is vintage, it is going to be a class apart, sans any doubt!

Just Opal, known for its beautifully handcrafted engagement rings, has a unique Opal and diamond ring that is simple, neat and elegant. When you buy such a ring, you need to know more about other than just the size and the maker.

Black Opal Engagement Ring – Best Features:

Here are some of the features of this black opal engagement ring, which makes it a worthy choice for that special lady in your life:

Black Opal – Opal is a birthstone as well as a beautiful stone that makes any jewelry stand out. This Australian black opal used in this engagement ring has beautiful shades of both blue and green to make the ring look unique and adapt the colours of the sea.

Mirror Finish – Any stone has to be polished before it can be set into a ring or a pendant. When it is a mirror finish polish, the stone shines better, thus making the jewel look better. This mirror finish brings out the beautiful shades of blue and green in the stone, while adding a good amount of shine to it.

4 Prong Setting – This is a common setting used in an open set ring. While the 4 prongs is more commonly used in a rectangular, square or a circle shaped stone, this ring with an oval stone also has only 4 prongs. When there are only a limited number of prongs, the stone is shown better and is allowed to grab all the attention.

Diamonds – Though this is not a diamond ring, this ring has not forgotten that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Keeping in mind that the opal is the main feature, the diamonds are set on the shoulder of the ring. This way, the opal stone is also shown well, while diamonds are also a visible part of the ring.

White Gold – This metal is as good as the yellow gold yet looks like platinum. It brings out the beauty in both the Opal and the diamonds. The quality used is 18k, which is of very high quality. Hence, you need not worry that you are settling on something low quality, just because it is not platinum.

Stone Size – The stone is neither too big nor small for an engagement ring. It is 11.5 mm in length and 5.62 mm in width. This makes it very visible when worn on the finger, yet not uncomfortable to bend the finger.

Negative Points

While this ring from Just Opal is easily one of the best antique Opal engagement rings, it is not free of flaws:

Open Setting – This setting brings out the colors and the beauty of the stone used and enhances the overall look of the ring. However, it is a well known fact that, no matter how strong the setting is, the 4 prong setting does have a risk. If the ring is dropped or hit against a hard surface, the Opal stone can get damaged as there is no protection around it.

Diamond Setting – Though this black opal engagement ring has its share of diamonds, they are small and are set only on the sides. While they don’t steal the Opal’s limelight, the diamonds are not very visible.

Ring Band – The band of the ring, made in white gold is too thin. Thought he stones are not heavy, the ring as such seems to be very thin and may not look very solid on a strong finger.

Design – There is nothing new or unique about the design. It is an age old design that just showcases the stone very well. While there are many new designs and cuts in the market, this ring uses the usual simple cut.

Oval Shaped – Oval shaped stones pose one major problem for the wearer. The ring has to be worn one way. You cannot wear it either way, even in a hurry. Not only will it look odd, but can also disturb your regular activities as it can bother your ring finger, every time you have to bend your fingers.

Advantages Over other Rings:

There are a number of opal engagement rings with white gold. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider this particular ring and not its counterparts:

4 Prongs – This open setting not only showcases the beautiful Opal stone very well, but also offers enough protection to the stone. The stone will not pop out or move from its setting as 4 prongs are used to hold it secure. The setting will ensure the stone does not move even in case of a bump or a fall.

Vintage – Black opal engagement rings are not very hard to come across. However, vintage opal engagement rings are. They are vintage, uniquely set to make it look classy and elegant.

Thin White Gold – White gold has the same properties as yellow gold.  However, they look similar to platinum, which is much more expensive when compared to gold. The white gold makes it pocket friendly as you don’t have to shell out a lot of your hard earned money to get her a platinum ring.

Colorful – Rather than having a single color, these opal stones have a beautiful scattered color pattern that brings out both the blues and the greens.


Anytime you are on the hunt for an engagement ring, you need to consider a lot of qualities apart from getting just an authentication certificate for the stones. You need to consider the metal used, the thickness, and the design. Hand crafted rings are classy, simple and unique. They make the wearer feel very special as each one is specially crafted with extra care.

Pick up this antique opal engagement ring and show your special lady how well you can choose the one most important piece of jewelry she is going to treasure forever. Let her wear this beautiful ring and flaunt it to one and all around her. Telling the world she has found the one is one thing, but a man who also has good taste in jewelry? Well, that’s a package!

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