Diamond Angel Pendant | Best Price and Quality – 2017

Any piece of diamond jewelry is classic and timeless. Be it a pendant set, or earrings or even necklaces, these are statement pieces of jewelry that are the envy of all people. An exquisite and durable stone, it is the hardest and the most precious stone that one can ever find.

These precious stones are known for their durable quality and passed on from generations to generations. Popularly used in wedding rings and engagement rings, they signify love, everlasting love.

The new pendant necklaces that are coming up have brilliant designs and excellent make. They bring out the sheer radiance of the diamond stones.

One such beautiful pendant set is the Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Angel Wings Pendant Necklace Set. This is a diamond angel pendant set that has two different types of diamond stones- black and white.

Here is a review of the gold angel pendant necklace that has some really awesome features.

Diamond Angel Pendant – Best Qualities: 

  • Design:

The diamond angel necklace is a pendant set that is designed beautifully with exquisite angel wings. The wings have diamonds studded in them. With two types of diamond stones – black and white stones, this pendant necklace is a very popular style.

The angel wings pendant sets are generally worn for security and protection. The design is very modern with a great combination of black and white diamonds.

  • Chain:

The chain is a sterling silver chain with a lobster-claw clasp, with an 18-inchrolo chain.

  • Diamond quality

The diamond quality is wonderful and flawless. The diamonds comply with the Kimberly process and are conflict free diamonds. The black diamonds in the diamond angel pendant may be treated in order to get an improved appearance and to enhance the durability.

The diamonds are imported and have the color grade of I-J and a clarity of I2-I3 clarity, making up 1/2 cttw.

Product specifications:

  • Height 35 inches
  • Width 05 inches
  • Length 18 inches

Black Diamond stones

  • Stone Weight- 0.3 carats
  • Number of stones- 36
  • Stone shape- Round shape
  • Cut- Good cut

White Diamond stones

  • Stone Weight – 0.2 carats
  • Color grade- I-J
  • Clarity grade – I2-I3
  • Number of stones- 84
  • Stone shape- Round shape
  • Cut- Good cut

Negative Points:

Overall, even thoughthe diamond angel pendant is a good chain, with great dazzling features, there are a few features that could be improved.

One such aspect is the length of the chain. A slightly longer chain would make it look better. And it would be great if the chain were nice and heavy, like a 14k gold angel pendant chain, instead of the sterling silver metal.

The chain and the clasp need some attention, as they seem to ruin the beauty of the diamond angel pendant set with its black and white studded diamond stones.

Most of the angel diamond necklace sets are designed for women. Having a men’s gold angel pendant set would be a good addition to this curated collection.

Advantages over the other Diamond Angel Pendants:

  • These pendant sets are gorgeous and ideally priced. When compared to the other pendant sets, these are easily affordable, with stunning design features.
  • The angel pendant design with the different black and white diamonds gives an amazing, alluring look to the pendant set. This makes the wearer look impeccable.

The black diamond stones are durable and sparkly, making the Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Angel Wings Pendant Necklace Set very attractive.

  • Thesediamond angel pendant sets are simply elegant and grand. Unlike the pendants that feature diamonds mounted in a solitaire setting, the angel wings diamond pendant set is very elaborate and dazzling.
  • In comparison with other products, the Sterling Silver Black and White Diamond Angel Wings Pendant Necklace Set is an absolute winner in terms of its affordability and design elements. It is the first choice of people looking to gift their loved ones. 


The diamond angel pendant set, worn for good luck and protection is a curated collection that has won the hearts of many women. A beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry, this is themost precious gift for a woman, and the best choice, due to its great price and quality.

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Diamond Angel Pendant
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