14k Gold Diamond Ring – Best Price and Quality 2017

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, owning a diamond ring is a very special feeling. While buying diamonds, there is a need to be cautious.

You may want to own the most authentic 14 carat diamond ring, but may not know how to choose the right one.

  • There are 14k gold diamond rings, 14k yellow gold engagement rings to choose from. The white gold diamond setting is incredibly popular, while traditionalists still prefer a touch of yellow gold in their jewellery.
  • The 14k gold ring with diamonds value is much higher than the 14 carat diamond ring price.The prestige associated with owning 14k gold diamond ringis phenomenal.

The original diamonds are clear and colourless; they reflect light which lends a spark. 14k gold diamond ring is an extraordinary gift for your special woman. It is a great ring for your wedding or engagement.

Here we review 14k White Gold Round Diamond Micro-Pave Wedding Band in detail which will enable you to decide

Best features of 14k Gold Diamond Ring

All the features of 14 carat diamond ring could be only the best! However, we look at the nuances and highlight the ones that are the best in this 14k gold diamond ring.

  • Practical design – It is a typical wedding band embedded with diamonds. It is designed for everyday wear. The diamonds used in the piece are conflict free and of highest quality. Their exposure to everyday wear and tear does not lead to reduced attractiveness in appearance.It is a great work wear; it does not over ride you personality. ON the contrary it adds to your personality. It is a sophisticated piece designed for elegance and today’s youth. The white gold finish lends a uniform finish which matches all complexions.

  • Diamond Quality – The suppliers of the diamonds comply to Kimberly standards, which is a high benchmark in the industry. The diamonds are conflict free which is of high importance.They are imported from India which offers some of the best diamonds worldwide. The diamond is round shaped and has been cut with precision to reflect more light. The stone has been created by natural means and has not been treated in any manner. This makes it a natural gemstone.
  • Ideal setting and dimensions – The total weight of the ring is 1.12 grams, making it superlight for daily use. You could just slip it in and forget about it. The setting is pave, which makes sure that the diamonds do not fall out of their frame due to everyday use.

    The item length is 0.71 inches, height 2.22 mm, width 1.65 mm and length is 18 mm. It is shipped as a package in a small deluxe box.

  • Value for money – This is one of the top features of the product, despite being exquisite, it is moderately priced. It is affordable by younger generation. The younger generation is the target market for these fashion accessories. The design, elegance and sturdiness of the 14 carat diamond ring are priced below $360.
  • Excellent customer reviews – Most users who have bought the ring are mighty impressed with it. It has been tagged as being elegant, not showy and simple. It retains the pave halo design which is a traditional ring bought for weddings and engagements, which makes its outreach greater.Users have found it durable for daily wear and affordable. A quick comparison in the market revealed to many that this piece was superior in design and affordability.


Flimsy look – The piece is too thin, if you are involved in jobs which may cause the ring to undergo friction, then it could undergo some wear and tear. The ring does not make a statement; it may sit well with a larger piece of diamond on your hand and go unnoticed. For those who wish to make their jewelery a fashion statement, this may not be the right fit.

No resale value – Generally, the small diamonds do not have any re-sale value, they need to be given at a throw away price. If you intend to exchange the ring for a better, bigger one at a later date, it may not yield much in exchange. Also, the pave setting of the stones may fall out if it comes in contact with substances such as oil etc.,

Advantages over competition

Quality of diamond – The clarity, cut and colour of the diamond is far superior when compared to other similar 14k gold diamond rings in the market. These diamonds are conflict free and adhere to Kimberly quality.

They are imported from India where some of the best diamonds are available. The cut is precise and these diamonds have been naturally treated, which is ideal. There has been no use of synthetic methodology to create and treat the diamonds. They are cut with precision to reflect maximum light naturally.

Price – The price of this piece is one of the key highlights; similar diamond rings in the market are price twice as high. The traditional pave setting gives it a larger outreach, the affordability ensures that it reaches the intended customers.

The materials used as part of the ring are of high quality, the diamonds, metal etc., Many users have particularly raved about the price which makes it a great value for money.

Design – The subtly of design has made is a favourite in the market, it fits snugly into your personality. It does not in any way make a larger than life statement. It blends well into your personality. An ideal work wear and a daily use ring make it a precious piece which is not too showy.


The 14k gold diamond ring is an ideal gift for the special one, you could also buy it for yourself and indulge a bit. It is a simple, elegant and not showy. The price is extremely affordable which makes it a great addition to your collection. Many users have used it below their bigger rings which carry a sizeable gemstone.

This ring blends well in such situation as well and allows the larger ring to steal the limelight. The ring is an everyday wear ring which does not make a pronounced statement.  This is a great ring for those special occasions such as weddings and engagements. It is a great addition to your collection if you are on the lookout for something elegant and blends well with your personality.

The band is made well, the stones are set very well and do not dig into the skin. They do not hurt the either side of the fingers. Most other bands with similar design become cumbersome to wear.

The stones are set such that they protrude and press against the skin of the fingers on either side. Although this ring is simple and elegant, it is quite sturdy and not fragile. The stones are bright and sparkly; it does not come across as a fake piece.

The diamond is treated and created in the most natural way, hence, the clarity and colour is of greatest quality. There are many 14 carat diamond rings to choose from the 14k gold diamond ring (white gold) is more popular than the 14k yellow gold engagement rings.

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