2 ct Diamond Ring – Best Price and Quality 2017

“Diamonds are forever,” they say. And buying the perfect diamond ring can be tougher than you imagine. If you are engaged, and if you are going with your girl to find a ring for her, things might be a lot simpler.

If you are picking one yourself, before you pop the question, then it might take a bit of research to find the right ring. With so many parameters to look upon always consider the following factors:

  • The shape of the diamond matters a lot. Choose a diamond that you feel would match her personality the most.
  • Of course do not ignore the color, cut, carat and the clarity of the diamond.
  • The setting of the diamond is the next thing to look at.
  • The material of the ring – would it be gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum, or a blend? What would be metal purity you expect? Take lots of hints from her jewelry collection to match her tastes better.
  • Decide on your budget. Diamonds shopping can sometimes get out of hand. But be wise and choose the right one at the best deal so that you get her special ring, within your budget too.
  • Always purchase from a reliable retailer to steer clear of fakes. Get valid sealed bills and receipts. Inquire your friends and family to get an idea about reliable diamond stores to buy from.
  • Remember that when you order one, there might be a wait time associated. So plan it well ahead of D-Day.

A 2 ct diamond ring is one of the most popular choices when it comes to engagement rings. Reasonably bigger than 1ct diamonds, yet not too expensive, these make the perfect choice. For a classic traditional ring, go for a 2 carat round diamond ring.

It is something that almost never goes out of trend and would suit almost any personality. If your girl loves simplicity, then a 2 carat diamond solitaire ring is sure to do the trick. Not too shimmery, perfect to wear daily, this can surely impress her.

Opt for a2 carat diamond ring princess cut if you can slightly expand your budget and if you are looking for nothing but the best for her.With exquisite designs, the best in class craftsmanship and some of the most brilliant cut diamonds set in the most exotic way, Houston Diamond District is known for classic engagement rings.

It is also the largest diamond dealer in Houston known also for preset diamond jewelry at the best price. 2.45 Carat t.w. 14k White Gold Channel Set Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with a 2 Ct Forever Classic Oval Moissanite Center is one of those engagement rings you could never go wrong with. Let us see what makes this ring so special 

The best aspects of the 2 ct diamond ring ring:

  • Gemstones:– Diamonds and Moissanite.

Moissanite is a gemstone that is closest in hardness to diamond and is pretty hard to tell apart from a real diamond too. It possesses almost all the properties of a diamond yet available at a much lower price.

If you compare a Moissanite and a diamond with asimilar cut and clarity, the moissanite would possess better sparkle than the diamond. It would also weigh less in comparison.

  • The weight of the gemstone:

The weight of the gem is 2 ct. 2ct diamond rings are the most popular choices when it comes to diamond rings. Here, as moissanite is comparatively less expensive than diamond, you would get the brilliance and the perfection of a diamond ring well within a reasonable budget.

  • Color and cut:

The moissanite which is the primary gemstone comes in a classic white with a very good cut. The diamonds are near colorless in the G-H range and with a very good cut.

  • Shape and clarity:

The moissanite is oval in a perfect princess cut and has clarity of VVS1– VVS2. The clarity of the round diamonds is in the SI1- SI2 segment.

  • Metal:

The gems are set on a 14K white gold ring.

This 2 ct diamond ring can make the perfect engagement without burning a huge hole in your pocket thanks to the brilliant oval moissanite.

What you might not like in this ring:

  • The primary gemstone:

The primary gem in this ring is not adiamond. Not that you could tell a difference easily that it is moissanite and not adiamond. But still, if your girl might be very particular about a 2 ct diamond, then a 2 carat cushion cut diamond might be a less pricey option than a similar 2 carat diamond ring princess cut.

  • Diamond clarity:

The clarity of the diamonds around the moissanite is just in the SI1 – SI2 segment which is the 5th in line when it comes to diamond clarity.

 How does this ring fair in the competition?

So given that you would find a lot of choices and that you could also custom design one yourself, why should you go for this ring by Houston Diamond District? There are many good things about this engagement ring that makes it stand out from many of its competitors:

  1. Grandeur:

“Grand” is the one word that comes to mind when you see this diamond for the first time. The sheer sophistication in its styling is enough to make this ring stand apart.

  1. Moissanite:

The choice of Moissanite is unique as against traditional princess cut diamonds. It makes the ring less expensive than a similar cut and clarity diamond ring yet almost impossible to differentiate. And not to forget, moissanite sparkles better than a diamond.

  1. Setting:

Prong setting is one of the most popular types of diamond setting in most engagement setting as it brings out the deepest shimmer in the diamond. This makes the moissanite shine even brighter.

  1. White gold:

White gold rings are trendier than the conventional yellow gold options. White gold also efficiently brings out the natural characteristic of the gemstones without its dominating shimmer like in yellow gold.

  1. Shorter delivery times:

Houston Diamond district is known for the top-notch craftsmanship and the premium quality genuine diamonds. This preset diamond ring is also delivered in a very short time so that you do not have to place an order weeks before you actually propose.

The final verdict:

The synthetic lab grown moissanite comes with a lifetime warranty from the dealer. 2 carat round diamond ring with a colorless flawless diamond is perhaps the best choice when it comes to choosing a diamond ring. But it is also the priciest choice, however.

Though it is true that round diamonds are classics, choose a shape that might uniquely suit your girl than just the conventional round cut. A 2 carat diamond solitaire ring might be a less gaudy option but again, you could reserve it for some other occasion as an engagement ring has to be posh and shimmery doesn’t it?

So, the next in line is a 2 carat oval diamond ring. Going less on the budget, yet adding the “trend” quotient, you get this 2.45 carat moissanite in 14k white gold ring with white diamonds.The contemporary designed combined with the shimmer of the prong set moissanite is sure to be a hit to make your day special.

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