Four Attractions In Lawrence KS That Deserve Your Attention

Four Attractions In Lawrence KS That Deserve Your Attention

Part of Douglas County, Lawrence KS is also known as River City. Lawrence is in the eastern part of the state. Did you know that this is where the University of Kansas is located? With two major universities in the city, you can imagine there are many fun things to do there. Let’s discover together four places of interest in Lawrence, Kansas that you might enjoy visiting.

You will want to stop by Massachussetts Street. That’s downtown Lawrence, and there are some great stores and restaurants in that area. You might also want to pay a visit to the Free State Brewery. Realize that you do have to think about parking when you visit an older downtown area like this. You will find a place though, and it’s going to be fun walking around to all the stores. Imagine where you might grab a bite to eat.

Grinter Farms is not only one of the best attractions in Lawrence, but it is free to visit. You will find it located at 24154 Stillwell Road, and you are going to get to check out the sunflower field. People say that the best time to visit the sunflower fields is in the early fall or at the end of summer. Compromise and make it August. The views of the fields are breathtaking and gorgeous.

Clinton State Park is located at 798 North 1415 Road, and reviews mention that there are great fishing adventures waiting for you there. You can also go camping, hiking, picnicking and even sailing. There are great nature trails there, and the scenery is marvelous. This state park is a very beautiful part of the city of Lawrence.

The fourth place of interest is a museum, the Watkins Museum of History to be exact. It’s located at 1047 Massachussetts Street, and it is a great way to get to know the history of the city of Lawrence. You might as well get to know the place you are visiting, right? There are three floors to this museum, a playhouse and all kinds of exhibits.

You know some of what’s waiting for you in Lawrence KS. Stop by these four fine attractions, and you can also finish up exploring the entire city. The downtown area as you can tell is one of the most special areas of Lawrence to visit. Perhaps you might want to start there and then work your way into the rest of the city.

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